“The content of past life experiences is important only for its effect on the present and the persistence trauma in the unconscious“

Dr. Morris Netherton

“We are spiritual beings living a physical experience”

Brian Weiss

“The Soul of man is like Water,
It comes from the sky, it rises towards the Sky,
And then returns to earth, in an eternal cycle”



The Past Life Therapist may perform efficiently if they have the following skill profile

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We exist in groups of Souls, but within these groups there is one – and sometimes more than one – which is our perfect match, half of what we need to feel full and carry out our mission. Sadly, soulmates do not always get to be together; they often share many lives, but in others the separation or mismatch forms part of the mission of the soul. Gabriela (28, Accountant Auditor) has been in a relationship once and has never felt truly in love. Her history calls attention to a special affectio

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Patient: Elvira, 54, dentist, separated, 2 daughters. Began to have persistent thoughts and suicidal intentions, self-destructive relationships, adding alcohol to her problems. When the regression began, she complained that she could not feel her legs and said that she had felt the same numbness for a while and been unable to diagnose its cause. Later, she sawa stone crypt and in the center was a slab, on which a girl was lying. She felt anguish, grief… The patient said that she is not the

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The patient came to consultation seeking an outlet for their fear of heights, which had been present since childhood. To address the root cause of this phobia, we called on a past life in which he died falling off of a mountain. This traumatic event was emotionally engaged in his soul. Recalling the experience, he became conscious of an event from another existence and now he has every chance to be happy and live in peace. He worked on lessons from that life and achieved release from his fe

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Abortions are painful situations in themselves, often women who have experienced try to forget and block it out mentally and emotionally, but in practice it is still there, returningintermittently. Through PLT experience with patients in this situation, I can say that it is extremely healing for the mother to work it spiritually. Contacting the soul of the aborted fetus and working the mother-child reunion from forgiveness is wonderful. Patients show an achievement of peace that has not succee

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Tania (16) is the youngest of three siblings, Marina (27) and Claudio (20). Tania is close to his father; with his mother, he is not as close because she is very demanding and strict. A year ago, at 15, when his sister was married, Tania fell into depression. With her, he had always been very close, unlike the bad relationship he has with his brother. He began to get treated by a psychiatrist, psychologist and with Fluoxetine, achieving only partial improvement. It felt unable to finish the scho

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Past Life Therapy could define as the “Therapy for the Soul“; it is a transpersonal psychological technique which acts on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is based on the significant events of the past are accumulated in an extra brain memory, which we call the soul memory. These facts cause all kinds of conflicts in the present life. When you are speaking of the past, considering both the recent past and the remote, ie, childhood, fetal life and previous lives.