Past Life Therapy can be defined as “Therapy for the Soul”; it is a transpersonal psychological technique which acts on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is based on the significant events of the past which are accumulated as an extra cerebral memory, which we call soul memory. These events cause all kinds of conflict in the present life.

When speaking of the past, the recent past is considered just as the remote, which is to say childhood, fetal life and past lives.

In a state of expanded consciousness, these technique can access a level of the soul, where all kinds of emotionally charged experiences are revived. These experiences are called regressions. However in this therapy, they do not return but they are brought to thehabitual physical consciousness, to be worked therapeutically.

This therapy differs from others in three key areas:

  • Its size, since it can work in many lives.
  • Its depth, because the patient is connected to other realms.
  • The soul itself, because it facilitates connection with Beings of Light, Teachers and mythological animals.

When the soul is able to SEE the root cause of the conflict or problem,everything begins to flow again in life, the soul knows everything…